Ceo (chief Executive Officer) Jb321

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Kwazulu Natal (Durban)
Full Time
Oct 9, 2020
Dec 8, 2020

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) JB321
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Kontak Recruitment is current sourcing for a CEO/Chief Executive officer for one of South Africa’s biggest private education suppliers managing multiple education brands across over 60 campuses within South Africa and internationally. This education giant offers face to face, distance and online learning options to students.

Bachelors or Masters Degree in Business Administration (or similar)
10 years + corporate managerial experience in a CEP/Manager Director role within a property environment
Strong ability to organize effectively, delegate responsibility, problem solve and communicate clearly
Evidence of leading a high-performance culture
Evidence of disruption in a previous role

The CEO will be responsible for leading the development and execution of the business’s long-term strategy with a view of creating shareholder value.
The leadership role entails the day to day management of the business and setting and implement of short- and long-term objectives relating to all commercial targets, operational services, business continuity, information security and risk management.
This role is the first in command and responsible for providing strategic direction and creating a vision for success.
Responsible for the setting and overall attainment of the business strategic objectives
Providing leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the business has proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, people and systems in place to effectively grow and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Key Performance Areas of the CEO:
Setting and implement the business strategy and direction
To be the driver of the strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting of business requirements and decision-making process – identifying markets and geographies for expansion and strategies for each area inclusive of product roadmaps for each
Build strong relationships with key external stakeholders, government, suppliers etc. to ensure correct focus and direction for the business at operations and technology level
Ensure an effective and efficient operating model is maintained
Develop and facilitate planning across the business
Server on all internal committees where applicable
Ensure that risk is effectively address in all aspects of the business and the business is legally compliant in all areas
Ensure that a proper infrastructure (building, systems and staff complement) is maintained and developed for the business
Review performance improvement reports to determine effectiveness of interventions
To oversee they daily operations of the business
To develop and annual operating plan that supports the business long term operations strategy
To drive the business’s achievement and maintenance of a satisfactory competitive position within the industry
Keep the investment principal and shareholder fulling informed in a satisfactory competitive position within the industry

Keep the investment principal and shareholder fully informed in a timely and candid manner of the conduct of the daily operations of the business towards the achievement of its established goals and of all material deviations from the goals or objectives and policies established
Coordinate the sustainability strategies of the business
Assess and manage the principle risks of the business within operations (proposals, projects and staffing)
Ensure strategic objectives shaped at Executive Management level are translated into tactical business plans with mechanisms for key measurements in place to monitor progress
Ensure that the business change projects are delivered
Coordinate the efforts of the different operational areas under management to ensure minimal duplication of efforts, maximum efficiency and to maximize value for money
Setting and modelling the business culture and values
Foster a corporate culture that promotes ethical practices, customer focus and service and encourages individual integrity
Building a culture and value set that is easily understood by employees across all levels and geographies that translates into a high-performance environment
Ensure that the culture and values are adopted and modelled
Ensure that there is an effective succession plan in place for all key roles identified in the business
Monitor the strict adherence to governance and setting high standards of professionalism across the functions
Ensure that managers create effective workforce plans and recruitment demands pans for their areas
Allocating capital to the business priorities
Setting and confirming approval of annual budgets and targets
Allocating funds according to the budgets to ensure the success of key projects
Legal, regulatory compliance and governance
To ensure effective internal controls and management information systems are in place
To ensure that the company maintains high standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility wherever it does business
To communicate effectively with shareholders, employees, government authorities, other stakeholders and the public as the company representative
To ensure the integrity of all public disclosure by the company
To abide by specific internally establish control systems and authorities, to lead by personal example and encourage all applicable laws, and the company’s standards and policies, including its environmental, safety and health policies

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