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May 10, 2021

About Pearl Lemon
Pearl Lemon is a multiple-award-winning SEO & Lead Generation Agency based in the heart of London but serving clients worldwide. With a team of 15 dotted across the UK, USA, Romania, India, Pakistan, Philippines and more, they operate around the clock and communicate predominantly through Whatsapp that function more like a silicon-valley-startup and have a work ethic comparable to investment bankers. It’s not a surprise when you consider their founder Deepak Shukla is an ex-Deloitte consultant and 30x marathon runner.

Benefits of working with Pearl Lemon

Learn Very Very Fast
Work with TedX Speakers
Work with ultramarathon runners, speakers of multiple languages
Work with a fully digital and remote team across different time zones
Build and grow entirely in the cloud
International work-cations where we meet and work in a foreign country for a week
Worst case - learn tons, get an amazing reference and move forward
Best case - go full time, build your personal brand and work from anywhere in the world
Take your digital skills you learn with us and apply to any job in any industry

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