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Lovedelia Onalenna

To make healthcare safer and more productive.

Adry Rethabile

inservice training

Shehu Ahmad Alhaji

To impact positively on the scientific environmentof ibbu, lapai.

Keywords: Assistant Lecturer

Pheme Matli

my goal is to one day further my studies obtain a doctorate,own a company and create jobs for those in need.

Keywords: chemist, biochemist, admin, secretary, clerk, marketing


Inservice Training

Keywords: I am looking for inservice training for Analytical Chemistry. I have completed my theoritical components.

Themba Modibana

Job seeker, Chemistry and Microbiology

Keywords: Chemistry, Microbiology, Geography

Umar Augustine

To work in an institution that encourage research for the development of our nation and the world at large.

selwaletau patience

I completed my matric with mathematics and science. I'm studying toward ND in analytical chemistry.

Keywords: I am looking for any laboratory job available

Mmapule Betty

I am a student who is currently looking for P1 and P2 in order for me to complete my national diploma in analytical chemistry,

Keywords: in-service training

Njabulo Mthethwa

I am very ambitious, I want to complete my internship. After that I want to carry on with my studies until my PHD in chemistry.

Keywords: I am looking for an internship in analytical chemistry

Tsubane Baggio Mostamai Mokoena

A young innovative young man who wants to chase his dream and do well with his family and help other people chase their dreams.