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We sell leads for businesses. How we do this is first by researching the business to see if there is demand on-line for their products or are people searching in Google for the product or service.

If there is and the client agrees to use our service we set up a campaign for them including Google ads and a lead generation website. The Google ads are tailored very specifically to the client based on what we know people search for, no guessing. We make hundreds of ads to target even search terms that only attract very few leads a month. Few if any businesses competing with us can do the same. We then put together a very specific and uncluttered lead generation website. Based on our experience and results we know these websites convert enquiries into leads. It takes up to 7 days to set this up, again few if any other businesses can compete with this.

Someone searches for a product or service on the internet and the relevant ad appears high up in the ads, they click our ad, go to the lead generation site and fill in the form at which point the client receives a lead via e-mail, sms too if they want.

There are no contracts, if they aren't happy after the first month they walk away and don't pay us. We are confident enough in what we can provide that a contract won't be necessary.

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  • Contact Person: Gregg Hopfeldt
  • email
  • CellCell: 0827701550
  • WorkWork: 0112349095
  • Fax: 0865292526

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Address: 180 Sunnyside road, Lyndhurst, Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa

Postal Address: Po Box 1819 Bedfordview 2007

Classified Number: 788790


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