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Mar 30, 2012

Are you looking for work and do you want to make good money by working on an oil rig? There are over 1.5 million people worldwide working on almost 2800 oil platforms. Some of these rigs are so large that they resemble small towns.

Whilst some people are seeking adventure, most people work offshore to earn a lot of money in a short time. Working on an offshore oil rig is one of the best paid but also toughest jobs in the world. You work 12-hour shifts for 21 consecutive days followed by 21 days paid leave.

"The boom in offshore oil rig jobs will continue in the near future as worldwide energy prices are rising and the demand is high!"

Telmex Oil Ghana Ltd favor applications from skilled workers, but applications from unskilled laborers with practical experience are also welcome and have very good chances.

You enjoy the work
You earn good money and are ready to work hard for it
You are prepared to leave your home country and to seek adventure abroad
You are looking for a chance to escape unemployment at home.

Positions available are as follows:

Roustabout, painter, cook and steward, rig welder, derrickman, driller
Roughneck, electrician and electronic technicians, tool pusher
Company man / woman, offshore installation manager, welding assistant
Electronic engineers, electro mechanics, plumbers, catering crew
Waiters, kitchen personnel and construction helpers, medical staff
Laboratory assistants and technicians, warehouse and logistics personnel
Cleaning crew, mechanics, mechanical engineers, technical drawers
Telecommunications technicians, locksmiths, metalworkers
Accounting and legal, assistant cook, galley hand, mechanical engineer
Cleaning \ housekeeping staff, steward, mechanical / engine mechanic
Machinist, equipment managers, mechanics, tower assembly workers.

Interested person(s)to forward detailed resume/CV only through our official email :, so that we can respond to your enquiry more quickly:

Best regards
David Todd.
Recruitment Manager.
For: Telmex OIL Ghana Ltd.
Tel:+233 2479-30343

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