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Head office based in Bangkok and we have now opened a online office in Cape Town, where we are recruiting candidates to teach English abroad in Thailand.

WE give visa assistance and we will arrange interviews before you have stepped foot in Thailand. 95% of the time first interview you go to you will be placed. Thailand is in need of native English speaker.

Great for gap years or if you want to work and travel.

We have references of teachers in Thailand that you can speak to regarding our service.

Most agencies charge very expensive admin fees, we charge a once off admin fee of R1400 and that includes all admin local and internationally, all paperwork,visa assistance, we also arrange our agents to pick you up from the airport in Bangkok and make sure you get settled in. We will also retouch CVs to make sure everything is displayed clearly for the schools we approach.

WE offer great bonuses at the end of your year completion with a choice to renew it.

If traveling and working is something you would be interested in CEN Teach Thailand is the best agency to partner with.

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CEN Thailand
  • Contact Person: Nicole Rodrigues
  • email
  • CellCell: 0737756595
  • WorkWork: 0737756595

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