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The International Group of Companies ("IGC") (since 1940)
IGC is made up of 4 specialised private companies

Started more than 70 years ago in the packaging industry, employing more than 700 people, our group has become market leaders within the plastic packaging industry, all involved and specialising in the manufacture; supply and wholesale of agricultural, industrial and commercial packaging and packaging requirements.

Divisions within the group: Manufacturing, Wholesale, FMCG and recently introduced a company specialising in IT services.

Manufacturers of: Woven Polypropylene Bags; Fruit and Vegetable Pockets; Twines; Shade netting; Bulk Bags.

FMCG: Packaging and all packaging products (more then 6000 products) servicing all industries with packaging requirements, from farmers to food packaging.

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Landpak Group
  • Contact Person: Nazia Tayob
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  • CellCell: n/a
  • HomeHome: n/a
  • WorkWork: 0122500120
  • Fax: n/a

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Address: 35 Piet Rautenbach Street, Brits, North West, South Africa

Classified Number: 1341969

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